Dispelling The Myths About Duct Cleaning

Cleaning Products

Unfortunately there are many myths that homeowners have come to accept as truth when it comes to duct cleaning. We’ll be busting these myths one at a time here on our blog. Today we start with cleaning products.


The best type of duct cleaning involves the company using chemicals to clean and sanitize my equipment.


There are no cleaning products approved for duct cleaning.
Any vendor who offers to clean your equipment with cleanser of any kind is likely trying to increase the price of the service. At worst they may just spraying an air freshener or something that is very watered down.
Even though disinfecting cleaner sounds like the greatest service, it’s actually very important to not use any water based products (cleaners or otherwise) in your ducts, because they need to remain dry. We often receive calls from people who have used these services and now need to install completely new systems because of the mold that grew thanks to the water-based cleanser.

Unfortunately this type of scam happens all over the country, everyday. NBC found volunteers to schedule appointments with these scammers and they reported the findings on Dateline. See the episode where the scam is exposed online here and then save yourself the aggravation by calling us for your next duct cleaning.