How Often Should Air Duct Cleaning Be Done?


The NationalAir DuctCleaners Association recommends getting your air ducts cleaned every three to five years. Under normal circumstances we agree. A lot of lifestyle factors affect the yearly interval, such as pets, kids, lifestyle, smoking, outside environment and how often you change filters.
There are a few “out of the ordinary” instances that require your ducts to be cleaned sooner:
  • When a home is first constructed: Even though the equipment will be new, a large amount of debris could have entered the ducts during construction and that’s no way to start living in your new home.
  • When you do any major renovations: Much like new home construction, following a renovation there could be large amounts of debris in your duct-work.
  • When you buy a home: Unless the previous homeowner gives you detailed information about when they last had work done, it’s better to be safe than slightly disgusted with thoughts of dander, dirt and dust bunnies.
The EPA points out that dirty ducts won’t make you or your family ill, but if you sneeze just at the thought of dust, keeping your air cleaner with a duct cleaning is worth the investment.

Beyond breathing easy, clean ductwork also boosts the efficiency of your system, which will save you money in energy costs. Schedule your routine air duct cleaning today.